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Tech + Design Journey

Here's a little more of what we are creating. ​

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We started on the journey of creating a 5 seater eVTOL, but over the year of research, trials and discussions with key stakeholders across the world, our direction is now segmented, but still focussed on getting to deployability at the soonest.

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The motors for the propellors are all electric with a total thrust capability of over 1 Tonne.

For the power source, we  are working on 3 options simultaneously, based on projected timelines for deployability:

  1. In the quick run, we are sourcing the most efficient battery systems globally available.

  2. For the intermediate, we have partnered with InnEngine to develop an IC engine to generate power

  3. For the future, we have commissioned (undisclosed) a leading Hydrogen fuel cell company to create an engine for our craft. 


  • Passengers = 4 (plus 1 pilot) 

  • MTOW = 800kg

  • Motors = 6 (coaxial)

  • TW ratio is 2:1

  • Range = 30km - 300km (based on power type mentioned)

  • Body made in Carbon Fibre and aviation grade aluminium.

  • Amphibious, can land and take off from water

ElecTryke Cargo

Electric Cargo Vehicle with twinned front wheels -  Twinned front wheels are great for stability, both from the point of view of slippage on bad roads in developing countries and also from the point of lugging heavy loads (up to 150kg in multiple configurations of the cargo hold, including refrigeration options as well).

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More than 15 prototypes have been tested and now the final demo units are being made for further trials, certification and to setup production lines for commercialization. 


  • Electric motor

  • Battery for 80Km range

  • Seats 1 person plus loading bay or alternately it can have customised boxes


This is a tech based agricultural solutions service being set up in various parts of the world along with local governments and partnering with key stakeholders. 


Creating an eco-system for local assembly; recruitment, training and certification of drone pilots; back-end systems, marketing and field operations under the country's new agri-drones policy. 

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The services include:

  1. Multi-spectral aerial mapping including AI collation of data for quick referencing.

  2. Spray of liquid and solid fertilisers / insecticides / pesticides on crops.

  3. Customised solutions for services that ease large scale operations that can be performed using drones and technologies that can be adapted to drones.


  • DJI T40 agri-drones

  • DJI T30 agri-drones

  • Tech for multi-spectral imaging

  • Collaborations for AI based data retreival

  • Trained fleet of drone operators and also providing training for drone operators to work with us.

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