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Tech . Motion . Innovation


wings for rural economies

We use design and innovation to bring high levels of technology to the doorstep of the common  man. We partner with industry leaders and innovators from across the world to develop mobility solutions for land and air.

Note: All images and renders shown are early versions of our designs, the final versions are not displayed to maintain confidentiality.

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Ongoing Developments

SeaHorse - Multi Rotor VTOL Craft

Most people are more familiar with the words 'Air-Taxi' however the craft we aim to make is much more than a taxi.

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ElecTryke - Twinned wheel cargo solution

If a large microwave needs to be delivered by Amazon, what is the vehicle that brings it? ET is the solution that fits between a 2 wheel and a mini LCV (light commercial vehicle) .

A Little Farm - Agricultural solutions using drone tech

Creating an eco-system for local assembly; recruitment, training and certification of drone pilots; back-end systems, marketing and field operations under various country's agri-drones policies.

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We THINK in Prototypes

At EVDRON we do a healthy mix of software technology as well as hands-on experimentation. We don't wait too long before we prototype our thoughts and ideas because we have the collective experience of more than 3000 prototypes of all kinds, and that simply means, we are blazingly fast at proving if concepts will work or fail, so that our forward momentum is constant.

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EVDRON In Numbers











We have many technology, human and vendor partnerships. Some are recent for the newer technologies, others are partnerships that span decades of understanding each other.

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InnEngine in Spain for IC Engine Development

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 11.48.53 AM.png

US and EU companies for Hydrogen Fuel Cell engines

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 11.41.50 AM.png

Companies in China for drone motors and battery tech

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Design and Engineering Companies in India and abroad


We’re looking for tech talent with an innovative mindset to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV if it interests you.


Goa, India

We are looking for person who is excellent at complex surface cad modelling and has experience of mould related issues to handle DFM for injection moulded parts.

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